Seeds are now available

Seeds are now available

It’s been a while since anything has been added to Wack’s words. The season has been so busy!!

I will try and add some interesting pictures and season highlights during the Christmas holidays. Yes, even I get a few days off then!

We have been busy harvesting seeds in the tunnels and greenhouses. Because our plants are all grown in our commercial nursery in North Yorkshire and the flowers are open pollinated, the seeds should give you some interesting and unique crosses. These seeds are now for sale, and will be sent out with clear sowing and growing instructions. They will be available from our webshop today. The seeds will show as being free of charge until the payment page, where the £ 3.50 will be added as postage.

Seeds available:

Dionaea muscipula – venus fly trap  –  30 seeds £ 3.50 including postage

  • Giant red traps x open pollinated
  • Gap teeth x open pollinated
  • Mix of red leaved varieties x open pollinated, including Red dragon, Claytons volcanic red, Royal red
  • Mix of giant traps x open pollinated, including Slacks form, Dick Venthams giant, Darwin, B52, Marston giant and South West giant
  • Mix of pot luck VFT x open pollinated, 40 seeds £ 3.50 including postage

Drosera – sundew – selection of 200 seeds £ 3.50, including Drosera capensis, Drosera capensis alba, Drosera aliciae, Drosera nidiformis, postage included

Sarracenia – North American pitcher plant  –  35 seeds £ 3.50, including postage

  • We are still busy categorising specific Sarracenia seeds, but have a pot luck mix x open pollinated available

See you soon