Tunnel view Sarracenia

Winter time

Despite the time of year, winter time, we have plenty good looking plants. It has been fairly mild, so certainly a lot of the Venus Fly traps seem to be hanging in there. We are growing some Dionaea muscipula typical under lights, just in case (have you seen the John Lewis Christmas ad).

We still have some Nepenthes (Bloody Mary and Ventrata), Drosera admirabilis Palmriet River looks great.

Even some Sarracenia, especially in 12cm pots, are still looking gorgeous, such as Sarracenia cv Bella, Sarracenia cv Tess, Sarracenia x Velvet, Sarracenia cv Judith Hindle, Sarracenia cv Fiona and Sarracania x moorei Pensacola Field. Some of the 9cm Sarracenia are also hanging in there, like Sarracenia x Bielsa, Sarracenia leucophylla pubescent, Sarracenia purpurea Smurf and Sarracenia purpurea heterophylla. If you want to have a look at them on our website, click here

Leading up to winter time we have mainly been cutting back, although the week of very cold weather meant the nursery was frozen so we had a few days off.

At the end of the season all the water trays are replaced, so we have plenty of these to wash before Christmas. Still some plants in the tunnels to cut back. Outside the Sarracenia will keep their old pitchers, to give added protection in winter. They will be cut back in spring

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year