New Year

Happy New Year to all. Hope you have had a great start to the New Year. We spent the last day of the Old Year over-eating, over-drinking (thank God prosecco does not count towards your alcohol intake or calories – or so I believe), over-dancing (some great Northern Soul on radio 6) and generally being merry. Billy was unsure what to make of these 2 oldies dancing in the kitchen

New Year

New Year

Very relaxing, just what we needed at the end of the stressful year we have now finished!

Like last year, we have decided to take time out in January, starting from Saturday January 6th. We will not be checking emails, processing orders, or do anything else business related. We may even try not to talk about plants. Monday January 29th we will get ourselves plugged back in and see where we are at.

In the meantime we hope 2024 will give you all what you wish for. And some happiness and good fortune on top.

To welcome in the New Year, here is a picture of Venus Fly Trap Sly Wiki, still looking good

Venus Fly trap Sly wiki

Venus Fly Trap Sly Wiki

In the meantime, just before we take a break, we are busy cutting back. Only the leucophylla tunnel to do. This is still looking good, but needs to be done. Next job getting the Sarracenia oreophila cut back and put the oreophila display plants into one of the tunnels. Those will be the first plants we will need for display next season. Do have a look at our open days and shows updated for 2024 – may need a few tweaks – shows 2024

Take care – Peter, Helleentje & Billy