Harlow Carr, Raby castle, busy week

This weekend has been very cold – in between gorgeous sunshine.

Harlow Carr on Saturday saw all seasons in one day, boiling with the sun out, freezing in the wind, hailstorms. On top of this a frightened deer ran head first into somebody’s plant stall, then turned and made a run for it!!

We could not do the 2nd day, because we were already booked in for the Raby castle orchid show. Absolutely freezing in a greenhouse with a nippy northerly sweeping through it. Felt sorry for me, never mind the orchids or Nepenthes!!! Rest of our babies can take it and looked stunning. Had to build a quick display – only had one hour. On the way out we saw a white deer. Back there today.image

Rest of the week will be filled with as many water runs as we can manage, and yes, the glamorous assistant will take on another building project: harvesting rainwater from the tunnel TGA