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Welcome to Wack’s Wicked Plants online shop. We aim to keep the shop as fully stocked as possible. New additions to the shop may not yet have pictures, as most are dormant. This will be updated throughout the season. We do not always have time to update stock levels or add new plants, so feel free to check out our growlist and/or email us to check availability.

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We have sown most of our Sarracenia seeds this year, but do have a large collection of VFT seeds, which are listed on our grow list. Please contact us on the above mentioned email to enquire/purchase seeds.


Dionaea muscipula - Venus Fly Trap

Drosera - Sundew

Heliamphora - South American Pitcher Plant

Drosera - All

Drosera - Sundew

Sarracenia - North American Pitcher Plant

Nepenthes - Asian Pitcher Plant

Utricularia - Bladderwort

Brocchinia reducta

brochinia reducta

Cephalotus - Australian Pitcher Plant

Pinguicula - Butterwort

Darlingtonia - Cobra Lily