Pinguicula - Butterwort

Pinguicula – Butterworts can be found worldwide, on all continents. They stand out with their large colourful flowers. We sell easy to grow, Mexican varieties, but we do grow our native Pinguicula vulgaris and the European Pinguicula grandiflora. Apart from the native and European Butterworts, they all need protection from the frost, and do well on windowsills, in sun or semi-shade.

How they feed:

The leaves of the butterwort are coated in a sweet sticky ‘dew’. This (as well as their colour) attracts the insects, who are then trapped on the leaves. The plant then produces an enzyme to digest the insect.

How to care for your plant:

  1. A position on a windowsill, heated greenhouse or conservatory, where they get a lot of light, semi-shade.
  2. Rainwater on a saucer (so the plants are standing in water).
  3. The plants will have a dormancy period, when their leaves become non-carnivorous.
  4. During the dormancy period, the main risk to the plant is rotting caused by fungal diseases. It is therefore important to reduce the watering, just keeping the plant damp, but not to let the plant dry out completely.
  5. Repotting: when the roots clearly show out of the bottom of the pot