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Dionaea muscipula – Venus Fly Trap

Sarracenia – North American Pitcher Plant

Drosera – Sundew

Cephalotus – Australian Pitcher Plant

Nepenthes – Asian Pitcher Plant

Pinguicula – Butterwort

Heliamphora – South American Pitcher Plant

Utricularia – Bladderwort

Darlingtonia – Cobra Lily

Wack's Wicked Plants
Wack's Wicked Plants1 Day ago
Busy few days for the Wicked plants!!! Next Weds and Thursday is @lincolnshireshow + Friday, Saturday and Sunday @RHS Garden Harlow Carr plant show!! Plants looking fab despite the weather 🌦️
Wack's Wicked Plants
Wack's Wicked Plants3 days ago
Vft snaps!! Dm double trouble, dm Amteborous + a few from our #peatfreetrials (will post some results when we get time)!!!
Wack's Wicked Plants
Wack's Wicked Plants5 days ago
These beet red pitcher plants really stood out amongst all the others pitcher plants. I’ve never seen anything quite like them. The colors were so deep and saturated they seemed to glow, and were almost hard to look at - kind of like staring into a black light. They are a reddish color variant of Sarracenia x moorei, which is a Sarracenia flava x leucophylla cross (I think). This is just another example of the extreme biodiversity of these bogs.

To help protect these rare and ecologically sensitive bogs, I do not share locations. Also - no AI was used to generate this image.
Wack's Wicked Plants
Wack's Wicked Plants5 days ago
Nursery snaps.. Billy and the bog! Dm Fiamma, foxy sarra hybrids and what have you 😊
Wack's Wicked Plants
Wack's Wicked Plants2 weeks ago
Open weekend starts today at 10 till 4 !! Flytraps, sarras, sundews etc… 😀😎 + the new bog garden