Latest News. By now it is standard that I do a blog at the beginning of the year, only to run out of time keeping it up later in the season. We have therefore decided not to use the blog any longer, as all our news is shared on facebook (, twitter (@wwickedplants) and Instagram (@wackswickedplants). I even have my own version of events on Instagram (@theglamorousassistant).

Our website has been made more current with up to date information. Our webshop is going to be upgraded this year, so I have not added any new plants to the shop. For a list of plants, seeds and sundries not listed in the shop but for sale, click here   Additional Sales Plants 2018  Not listed?? Drop us a line at [email protected] – we are busy splitting and potting on at the moment, so new plants become available all the time.

Our first RHS gold awarded for this display in 2017 at Chatsworth

We are very excited about the coming season. Although we unfortunately have to give up some local shows, we are very proud to have been deemed to have reached a good enough standard of display to have been accepted at a few larger flower shows. See our Shows to see where you can meet us in 2018. As before, you can of course visit the nursery, by appointment only, and we will have a few open weekends as well this year.

Hope to see you soon, happy growing