Heliamphora – South American Pitcher Plant

Heliamphora – South American pitcher plants vary in colour from green to bright red. They prefer higher humidity

How they feed:

As with other pitcher plants, they attract insects with their colour, and nectar. The nectar on this plant is found on the ‘nectar tip’ which hangs over the pitcher, waiting for an insect to lose their footing! The plant produces an enzyme to digest the insects.

How to care for your plant:

  1. Indirect sun, direct sunshine in the late afternoon is okay. Heliamphora does not like to get too hot.
  2. Rainwater, water from the top (it is ok to have water stood in the pitchers). It can be stood in water, but let it drink the water before re-watering (so not constantly standing in water)
  3. It is very important to mist the plant daily, especially in the summer.
  4. Feeding: If you are worried give it an insect in one of the mature pitchers.
  5. Repotting: when the roots clearly show out of the bottom of the pot