Darlingtonia Californica – Cobra Lily

Darlingtonia Californica – Cobra Lilies originate in the US (Oregon and California), and are often found on forest slopes and next to streams. This hardy pitcher plant has a cobra like appearance, and does best in semi shade.

How they feed:

As with other pitcher plants, they attract insects with their colour, and nectar produced around the mouth of the pitcher. The mouth is underneath the head, behind its ‘fangs’. Light coming through the hood of the pitcher creates the illusion that there is an escape out of the top, which lures the insects deeper inside the plant. The plant then produces an enzyme to digest the insect.

How to care for your plant:

  1. Grow outside or in an unheated greenhouse, all year round, in full sun or semi shade.
  2. Rainwater only, water from the base, keep the plants standing in water.
  3. The plants do not like warm stagnant water in the summer, so refresh the water regularly.
  4. Do well in pure spaghnum moss, available from our website.