This is our current growlist. Some of the plants are already for sale, and we will be adding to the sales plants throughout the season. We do hold information about original growers for most plants. Please feel free to enquire. At our busy times we find it difficult to keep on top of the current growlist. If you are after a specific plant, or the plant shows out of stock in the webshop, contact us as we may have it available or can reserve one for you.

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Display Name, WWP No

cephalotus follicularis,WPC1

Darlingtonia californica,WPDC1

Dionaea Muscipula  Heterophylla,WPDM4

Dionaea Muscipula  Jagged teeth,WPDM1

Dionaea Muscipula  Long leaved,WPDM2

Dionaea Muscipula  MK large traps,WPDM3

Dionaea Muscipula Akai Ryu,WPDM5

Dionaea Muscipula Akai Ryu Red Dragon,WPDM6

Dionaea Muscipula Australia Red Rosette,WPDM7

Dionaea Muscipula B52,WPDM8

Dionaea Muscipula Big Mouth,WPDM9

Dionaea Muscipula Claytons Volcanic Red,WPDM10

Dionaea Muscipula Darwin,WPDM11

Dionaea Muscipula Dentate,WPDM12

Dionaea Muscipula Dick Venthams Giant G14,WPDM13

Dionaea Muscipula F12 All Red Dentate,WPDM14

Dionaea Muscipula Fine Tooth x Red,WPDM15

Dionaea Muscipula G7,WPDM16

Dionaea Muscipula Gap Teeth,WPDM17

Dionaea Muscipula Giant Green Form,WPDM18

Dionaea Muscipula Giant Peach,WPDM19

Dionaea Muscipula Gold/Green,WPDM20

Dionaea Muscipula Great White Shark,WPDM21

Dionaea Muscipula Green Edge,WPDM22

Dionaea Muscipula Heterophylla,WPDM23

Dionaea Muscipula Inner Red Line,WPDM24

Dionaea Muscipula Jaws Smiley,WPDM25

Dionaea Muscipula Long Erect Petiole,WPDM26

Dionaea Muscipula Marston Giant,WPDM27

Dionaea Muscipula Outer Red Line G10,WPDM28

Dionaea Muscipula red,WPDM29

Dionaea Muscipula Red Clone Holland,WPDM31

Dionaea Muscipula red Dave,WPDM30

Dionaea Muscipula Royal Red,WPDM32

Dionaea Muscipula Sawtooth,WPDM33

Dionaea Muscipula Sharks Teeth,WPDM34

Dionaea Muscipula South West Giant Hybrid,WPDM35

Dionaea Muscipula standard,WPDM36

Dionaea Muscipula Toothy Petiole,WPDM37

Dionaea Muscipula Toothy Petiole B&Q,WPDM38

Dionaea Muscipula Triffid Red Clone TR1,WPDM39

Drosea Aliciae,WPD1

Drosera anglica,WPD2

Drosera binata,WPD3

Drosera capensis,WPD4

Drosera capensis alba,WPD5

Drosera filiformis,WPD6

Drosera filiformis var tracyi,WPD7

Drosera intermedia,WPD8

Drosera madagascariensis,WPD9

Drosera rotundifolia,WPD10

Drosera scorpioides,WPD11

Nepenthes alata,WPN1

Nepenthes sanguinea,WPN2

Nepenthes x Black Beauty,WPN3

Nepenthes x Bloody Mary,WPN4

Nepenthes x Hookeriana,WPN5

Pinguicula grandiflora,WPP1

Pinguicula weser,WPP2

Pinguicula x Tina,WPP3

Sarracenia (flava var maxima x mooreana) x popei,WPSX1

Sarracenia alata,WPSA1

Sarracenia alata,WPSA4

“Sarracenia alata Black Tube – De Soto National Forest. George County.Mississippi”,WPSA6

“Sarracenia alata f pubescents Heavily Veined Form. Citronelle. Mobile CountyAlabama (MKA34)”,WPSA8

“Sarracenia alata Heavy Veined. Hill top Lakes. Leon County. Texas (MK A16)”,WPSA2

Sarracenia alata ‘red lid’,WPSA9

“Sarracenia alata ‘red lid’ Pubescent. Ocean Springs. Jackson County. Mississippi 4 LARGE”,WPSA10

“Sarracenia alata Red tube. De Soto National Forest. George County. Mississippi”,WPSA3

“Sarracenia alata Red/Black Tube. De Soto National Forest. George County. Mississippi”,WPSA5

“Sarracenia alata Wavy Lid Form white flower (MK A8)”,WPSA7

Sarracenia alata x Sarracenia flava ‘maxima’,WPSX2

Sarracenia alata x Sarracenia flava ‘maxima’,WPSX4

Sarracenia alata x Sarracenia flava ‘maxima’ MK136,WPSX3

Sarracenia CV ‘Brooks Hybrid’,WPSX5

Sarracenia CV ‘Brooks Hybrid’,WPSX6

Sarracenia CV ‘Brooks Hybrid’ (x S alata ‘Red lid’ x S flava),WPSX7

Sarracenia CV ‘Juthatip Soper’,WPSX8

Sarracenia CV ‘Juthatip Soper’,WPSX9

Sarracenia ‘Daniel Rudd’ x S Brooks Hybrid,WPSX10

Sarracenia flava,WPSF1

Sarracenia flava,WPSF3

Sarracenia flava Ainsworth Seed,WPSF6

“Sarracenia flava Cook Bayou. Florida”,WPSF4

Sarracenia flava gulfensis x S leucophylla,WPSX11

Sarracenia flava gulfensis x S leucophylla,WPSX12

“Sarracenia flava Red Tube. P&M Form”,WPSF5

Sarracenia flava Short tube,WPSF2

“Sarracenia flava var atropurpurea Blackwater. River State Forest”,WPSF9

Sarracenia flava var burgundy,WPSF10

Sarracenia flava var cuprea North Carolina,WPSF11

Sarracenia flava var flava,WPSF12

Sarracenia flava var flava Potterton & Martin,WPSF13

Sarracenia flava var flava Very large form F32,WPSF14

“Sarracenia flava var maxima McClellanville. Charleston County. South Carolina”,WPSF15

“Sarracenia flava var maxima Saphony Creek. Sussex County. Virginia”,WPSF17

Sarracenia flava var maxima Tall green pitchers MK F3,WPSF16

Sarracenia flava var maxima Tall green pitchers MK F3,WPSF18

Sarracenia flava var ornata,WPSF19

Sarracenia flava var ornata,WPSF21

“Sarracenia flava var ornata  1st Site Sandy Creek Rd. Bay County. North Florida”,WPSF22

“Sarracenia flava var ornata  Cook Bayou. Florida”,WPSF20

“Sarracenia flava var ornata  Sumatra. Apalachicola. Florida”,WPSF23

“Sarracenia flava var ornata Dean Cook Sandy Creed. DCB”,WPSF24

Sarracenia flava var ornata x (S flava x S alata ‘Red Lid’),WPSX13

Sarracenia flava var rubricorpora,WPSF29

Sarracenia flava var rubricorpora ‘Giant Red Tube’ X S flava var burgundy x S leucophylla,WPSF30

“Sarracenia flava var rubricorpora Giant Red. Apalachicola. Liberty Country. Florida”,WPSF28

“Sarracenia flava var rubricorpora Holley. Santa Rosa County. Florida”,WPSF27

“Sarracenia flava var rubricorpora Sumatra. Apalachicola. Liberty County. Florida”,WPSF25

“Sarracenia flava var rubricorpora Sumatra. Apalachicola. Liberty County. Florida SFB05C DCB”,WPSF26

Sarracenia flava var rubricorpra ‘Claret’,WPSF31

Sarracenia flava var rubricorpra ‘red tube’,WPSF32

“Sarracenia flava var rugelli “”Cutthroat”””,WPSF36

“Sarracenia flava var rugelli Allanton. Bay County. Florida”,WPSF33

“Sarracenia flava var rugelli Allanton. Bay County. Florida”,WPSF35

“Sarracenia flava var rugelli Sumatra. Apalachicola. Florida”,WPSF34

Sarracenia flava White tube,WPSF7

Sarracenia flava x S alata x (S catesbaei x popei),WPSX14

Sarracenia flava x S flava var burgundy,WPSX15

Sarracenia flava x S flava var burgundy x S flava var maxima,WPSX16

Sarracenia flava x S flava var maxima,WPSX17

Sarracenia flava x S flava var rubricorpora,WPSX18

Sarracenia flava x S flava var rubricorpora ‘Giant Red Tube’ X S flava var burgundy,WPSX19

Sarracenia flava x S purpurea ssp purpurea,WPSX20

Sarracenia ‘Judith Hindle’,WPSX21

“Sarracenia leucophylla  Dark red. Elgin. Okaloose”,WPSL1

Sarracenia leucophylla  Green & white,WPSL4

“Sarracenia leucophylla  Pink lip. Apalachicola. FL (DCB)”,WPSL3

“Sarracenia leucophylla  Tibbee. Alabama”,WPSL2

Sarracenia leucophylla alabamensis,WPSL5

Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid,WPSX22

Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid – jagger,WPSX25

Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid – red velvet,WPSX26

Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid – tiger stripe,WPSX27

Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid  Variegated,WPSX23

Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid 1 -red/white,WPSX29

Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid 2 -white topped,WPSX24

Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid 2 -white topped Citronelle SLC135 DCB,WPSX28

Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid 3 -green/white,WPSX30

Sarracenia leucophylla ‘pink hybrid’,WPSX31

Sarracenia leucophylla ‘pink tube’,WPSL6

Sarracenia leucophylla ‘red hybrid’,WPSX32

Sarracenia leucophylla ‘Schnell’s ghost’,WPSL7

Sarracenia leucophylla x oreophila,WPSX33

Sarracenia leucophylla x rubra alabamensis,WPSX34

Sarracenia linda butt,WPSX35

Sarracenia linda butt x S flava var atropurpurea,WPSX36

Sarracenia lueucophylla mutants,WPSX37

Sarracenia minor,WPSM1

Sarracenia minor hybrid,WPSX39

Sarracenia minor ‘Okefenokee Giant’,WPSM2

Sarracenia mitchelliana,WPSX41

Sarracenia mitchelliana hybrid 1 -dark throat,WPSX42

Sarracenia mitchelliana hybrid 2,WPSX45

Sarracenia mooreana,WPSX38

Sarracenia mooreana x S Brooks Hybrid,WPSX40

Sarracenia moorei Marsten exotics 1987 clone MK H24,WPSX43

Sarracenia moorei x S Daniel Rudd,WPSX44

Sarracenia oreophila,WPSO5

Sarracenia oreophila  Roy Cheeks Clone,WPSO4

Sarracenia oreophila Georgia,WPSO2

Sarracenia oreophila Pietro Paulo clone,WPSO8

Sarracenia oreophila Purple throat,WPSO6

Sarracenia oreophila Sand Mountain. Alabama (MKO10),WPSO3

Sarracenia oreophila Vigorous Form,WPSO1

Sarracenia oreophila x S alata black tube,WPSX46

Sarracenia psittacina,WPSPS1

Sarracenia purpurea burkii,WPSP1

Sarracenia purpurea f heterophylla,WPSP2

Sarracenia purpurea gibbosa,WPSP3

Sarracenia purpurea hybrid 2,WPSX50

Sarracenia purpurea hybrid dark purple,WPSX48

Sarracenia purpurea hybrid Insektenfang,WPSX49

Sarracenia purpurea hybrid yellow lip,WPSX47

Sarracenia purpurea spp purpurea,WPSP4

Sarracenia purpurea spp purpurea,WPSP5

Sarracenia purpurea x courtii (x purpurea ssp purpurea),WPSX52

Sarracenia purpurea x ‘Smurf’,WPSX53

Sarracenia rubra hybrid,WPSX55

Sarracenia rubra jonesii anthocyanin free,WPSR1

Sarracenia rubra ssp gulfensis,WPSR2

Sarracenia rubra ssp gulfensis,WPSR3

“Sarracenia rubra ssp gulfensis heterophylla Yellow River. Florida”,WPSR4

Sarracenia rubra x S minor,WPSX56

Sarracenia swaniana,WPSX57

Sarracenia x catesbaei,WPSX51

Sarracenia x catesbaei,WPSX63

Sarracenia x ‘Eva’,WPSX54

Sarracenia x excellens,WPSX60

Sarracenia x farnhamii hybrid,WPSX61

Sarracenia x farnhamii hybrid 1,WPSX64

Sarracenia x ‘Fiona’,WPSX65

Sarracenia x ‘Fiona’ hybrid,WPSX66

Sarracenia x formosa,WPSX67

Sarracenia x harperi,WPSX68

Sarracenia x moorei (S flava x S alata),WPSX69

Sarracenia x moorei x leucophylla,WPSX70

Sarracenia x moorei x oreophila,WPSX71

Sarracenia x moorei x oreophila x leucophylla,WPSX72

Sarracenia x purpurea (barbapapa),WPSX73

Sarracenia x ‘Smoorie’,WPSX74

Sarracenia x Smurf,WPSX75

Sarracenia x stevensii,WPSX76

Sarracenia x stevensii,WPSX77

Sarracenia x ‘Velvet’,WPSX78

Sarracenia x ‘Vogel’,WPSX79

Sarracenia x ‘Vogel’ Green variety,WPSX80

Utricularia livida,WPU1

Utricularia sandersonii,WPU2


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