Talks & Workshops

We give a tailor made talk and presentation about carnivorous plants. The talk is adapted to the audience.

For schools, depending on the current subject being taught, and age group. Examples are ‘aliens’ for year 1 and 2, ‘evolution’ at York College. The ‘gruesome’ pictures are appreciated. Highlight of the talk seems to be when we trigger the Venus Fly Trap, which usually earns a standing ovation!

For gardeners and adult groups the emphasis is on habitat, conditions required to grow carnivorous plants. It also includes our journey to where we are today; backyard to stately home (not in the stately home!)

The presentation that accompanies the talks has a lot of pictures, including some gruesome ones. Overall, the talk is lighthearted, and will explain where carnivorous plants grow, how they have developed, how to grow them yourself. It will highlight the trapping mechanisms that the plants employ, how they attract insects.

We bring a good selection of plants, so people can see, touch, smell and buy the actual plants.

Duration of the talk itself is approximately 45 minutes. After this there is a question and answer session and opportunity to come and have a look at or buy the plants

 Feedback from previous talks:

“The visual nature of the slides was stunning”

“The plants you brought were impressive”

“Your talk was very educational and fun”

15 hours ago

Wack's Wicked Plants

While the nursery is frozen we have been sorting our seeds, all freshly harvested + refrigerated !! To order seeds email [email protected] .See below for availability, all open pollinated so should throw up some interesting variations
-Sundews/Drosera 100 x £2
Capensis alba
Capensis all red form
Spatulata, Queenstown, Tasmania
-VFT/Dionaea 20 x £2
Big lad
G17 x G14
Large traps
Marston Giant
Red Dragon
South West Giant
Standard big traps
Toothy petiole
-North American pitcher plants/Sarracenia 20 x £2
Alata pubescent heavily veined
Brooks hybrid x (alata red lid x flava)
Flava gulfensis x leucophylla
Flava var cuprea
Flava var maxima
Flava x purpurea heterophylla
Leucophylla giant, Baldwin Co, Alabama
Leucophylla pubescent, Perdido, Alabama
Moorei red H62 very large
Oreophila DeKalb Co, Alabama
Purpurea hybrid
Purpurea ssp purpurea
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Another frozen lockdown day on the nursery! Splashes of colour help brighten up the day!!❄😃 ... See MoreSee Less

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After a week of being frozen in their pots the leucos are still lighting up the tunnel!! ... See MoreSee Less

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With the nursery frozen chance for some indoor jobs!! Been planning this for some time but always been too busy 😃❄🥶 ... See MoreSee Less

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