Tunnel action & Spring Time Live

Glam here, trying to catch up!! Last week was our first show of the season, Spring Time Live in Harrogate. Much busier than previous years, good event to get into the season. As every year, our thoughts are with the Harrogate Flower Show already. This year we will be doing a themed display (Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary) – we won’t give anything else away. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will be at Living North, at the Knavesmire, York racecourse. The first outdoor event of the season. We will find out how our gazebo is doing, once we try and set it up!!! Have not had time for a gazebo test drive!!

For the picture fans amongst you (yes, Wack takes superb pictures!!) here’s some tunnel action, dedicated to our friend Tom – waspy trials and tribulations – TGA