Little pot of horrors Sarracenia


Standard package contains de-constructed little pot of horrors, with 3 Sarracenia, compost, spaghnum moss for top dressing, bowl and saucer.

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The Little pot of horrors Sarracenia comes deconstructed. The package contains pot and saucer, compost, sphagnum for top dressing, instructions (including video link) and 3 Sarracenia.

Looking after your little pot of horrors is easy: Sit in full sunshine, in- or outdoors. Sit in rainwater (on the supplied saucer) – Rainwater alternatives: distilled, de-ionised or reverse osmosis water. We have never found it necessary to feed the plants, as they only require a few insects per year to survive. If you are worried, and your pot is indoors, stick it outside on a sunny day and watch it go to work.

Winter care for your little pot of horrors: We recommend a cool, airy, light area, greenhouse or outside are ideal. The plants will have a dormancy period. This can vary from going totally underground to browning of the leaves (remove). During the dormancy period, the main risk to the plants is rotting caused by fungal diseases. It is therefore important to reduce the watering, just keeping the pot damp, but not to let the pot dry out completely. Repotting: the plants should be fine in the pot for several years. Repot when the plants are clearly too big for the pot, in a peat and perlite mixture (available from our online shop). We highly recommend you research your plants on the internet for more detailed information

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