Cephalotus – Australian Pitcher Plant



Cephalotus – Australian picture plants have dark ‘hairy’ pitchers witch beautiful markings. They are rumoured to be quite difficult to grow, but we have found them fairly easy.

How they feed:

As with other pitcher plants, they attract insects with their colour, and nectar produced around the mouth of the pitcher. It has downward facing hooks around the rim of the pitcher, making it even harder for the insect to get out. The plant then proceeds to digest the insects.

How to care for your plant:

  1. Full sunshine, indoors or cool greenhouse/conservatory
  2. Rainwater only, we water from the top, let the plant drink the water in between watering.
  3. The plants will have a dormancy period, when they may not look as good as in the summer.
  4. During the dormancy period, the main risk to the plant is rotting caused by fungal diseases. It is therefore important to reduce the watering, just keeping the plant damp, but not to let the plant dry out completely.
  5. Repotting: when the roots clearly show out of the bottom of the pot