About Wack’s

Peter Walker (Wack) has been obsessed with plants for a long time, and has worked in horticulture most of his working life. He has had training in the UK and the Netherlands, and even designed gardens for banks and parks (under the pseudonym Peter from London – well, that’s in England!) in Azerbaijan. He loves unusual (not just carnivorous) plants, and amongst others has a decent collection of Aeoniums. As we are only a back garden outfit, we have limited space to grow. Most plants are grown on at our home. Some are supplied by our exotic auntie from Trinidad. The carnivorous plants are either home grown when possible or, due to limited space, bought from specialist suppliers..

He runs the business together with his wife Helleentje, who does love the plants, but is mainly used for her excellent van stacking ability.

Wack’s Wicked Plants are a fairly new company, visiting shows and fairs around the county, but now are responding to our customers’ requests to sell online. Buying carnivorous plants could not be easier….